Our Services

Application Development

We provide application design and development services for a variety of platforms and devices. Services include but are not limited to

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Design and Programming
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Flash Programming
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Business Process Modelling

  • Understanding client business strategy to align with the business model implementation

    Technology-driven business has been the new “mantra” for all traditional industries and they thrive on it to generate revenues, maintain a competitive edge and emerge winners at the end of the day. We understand the client and provide them with a business model that translates their core operations achieving all the benefits of a technology-driven business.

  • Architecting the business model

    Understanding the clients operations is the key to driving the business process remodeling change, based on the initial system requirements we outline an architecture that optimally suits the clients needs in terms of efficiency, resources and costs. We use state-of-the-art tools; creating visuals that help our customers understand the translation processes.

  • Designing and developing the key strategies

    In the translation of a business-process, identifying the key strategies is vital, we follow agile methodologies to design and develop the process model. Leveraging a gamut of latest technologies we provide solutions that exceed our clients expectations.

Competitive Market Intelligence

Competitive analysis refers to the marketing jargon that has been around for years with the intent of identifying a business’ competitors, evaluating their strategies and determining their strengths and weaknesses relative to your own. While the analysis was traditionally executed for business startups only, with changing times businesses need to revisit this more frequently to stay current with their competition.

Over the years the internet, search engines, social networking have heavily influenced marketing strategies for businesses to reach out to their customers. At Ittek we leverage the fundamentals of competitive analysis combining our expertise in marketing and technology to provide winning recommendations for our clients.

  • Make informed decisions and accelerate business performance

    We provide quick, insightful and result oriented research to help drive business decisions. Researching competition on various aspects ranging from marketing, sales, technology and finance our team of experts helps evaluate what a business needs to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Varied domain expertise to assist different business types/models

    We understand that no two businesses are alike; our qualified professionals with extensive consulting experience help varied businesses domains. Our clients as a result benefit from the cross-functional knowledge base of our trained professionals.

IT Management Services

Ittek provides on-site IT support for your software and hardware needs. From designing and developing applications to installing third-party software we cover everything in between. Likewise on the hardware setup we offer services from installing cables in a network to setting up servers and computers. See a complete listing of services below

  • Web Design Services

    Web Design and Development

    Web Hosting

    Search Engine Optimization

    Database Design and Implementation

    Web Security Configuration and Consultation

  • Desktop PC Services

    PC Setup and Installation

    PC Repair and Maintenance

    Hardware and Software Installation

    Wireless Networking

    Remote Compute Access and Troubleshooting

  • Local Area Network Services

    Network Design

    Network Installation and Configuration

    Network Security and Consultation

    Wireless Network Setup

  • Infrastructure Management Services

    IT Infrastructure needs the caring and the feeding as systems are rolled out for handling real life work. Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) is a specialized program that addresses this operational requirement. Key offerings of IMS include but are not limited to:

    • 24/7 monitoring

      We provide 24/7 availability and performance monitoring of the clients environment. This includes but is not limited to monitoring networks, servers, databases, web applications and transactions for special events. Our remote monitors alert on pre-defined events triggering triage escalation and tracking progress as required by the customer. Our team of specialists troubleshoots applications, identify the issue and recommend solutions to clients addressing short and long term needs.

    • Infrastructure management

      Collecting statistical data to analyze and predict traffic patterns for the application, we help customers scale their environment in preparation for peak volumes. Adding server capacity, predicting usage models and recommending changes helps our customers run their business effectively.

    • Load/Performance testing

      As part of IMS on-demand we provide performance testing that helps gauge the infrastructure capacity and prepare for impeding traffic. Using the latest performance tools from Rationale and Mercury, we help our customers stay on top of their game.

    • Web Application vulnerability identification

      SQL Injection, cross-site scripting vulnerabilities are used by hackers to compromise the security of web applications. Using state-of-the-art Web Vulnerability Scanners we provide identification and fixes against these hacking techniques.

    • Identity Management services

      Using managed authentication, single sign-on and role-based access control, we integrate security within the applications.